I spent many days in bed, without the strength to get up, with no motivation at all. The more I tried to move, the more my body became heavy and my mind weak. Everything was too much, even having to go to the bathroom. As I am usually a joyful and active person, having no energy and motivation was a whole new feeling for me.
The days passed and I was missing work more and more often until, after about 4 months, the situation got so bad that I just had to cry during the day, for instance in front of the cashier of the Foodstore. At that point I understood that it wasn’t probably just a weird kind of tiredness but much more.
What do the psychologists think?
“First of all it is a important to highlight that we use the term “depression / depressed” too easily: It is one thing to have a bad day, to feeling down or to pass through a time in which things simply do not turn out as planned. It is another thing to suffer from real depression.
Clinical depression is a real disorder of mood that is prolonged and has many other symptoms. Whoever suffers from depression has a real discomfort, which highly compromises the quality of life. Often you can’t get out of bed for long periods, you feel pain and an unmotivated irritability. What follows is an important social withdrawal which often compromises the workplace too.”
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With love
Sally and Marta

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